Photo of the words Municipal ElectionsTown of Thurmont Elections are held every odd-numbered year on the last Tuesday in October.  The term of office for the Mayor and Commissioner is four (4) years.  Polls on election day are open from 7am to 8 pm.

On Election Year the Nominating Convention is held the last Tuesday in September at 7pm at the Thurmont Municipal Office, 615 East Main Street, Thurmont, MD.  

To be a qualified voter in the Town Election you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • At least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Has resided within the corporate limits of the Town for thirty (30) days
  • Is registered to vote in the Town in accordance with with provisions of the Charter

No person shall be entitled to vote in a Town election unless he/she is duly registered to vote at least twenty-eight(28) prior to the election.

If you are already registered to vote with Frederick County Board of Elections with your current Town address, you are automatically registered to vote in the Town of Thurmont Election.  To check if you are registered to vote or to register to vote visit Maryland Board of Elections .  If you are not registered and want to vote in Town of Thurmont only elections you can registered at the Town Municipal Office.