Code Enforcement

Town of Thurmont Code Enforcement  

The mission of Code Enforcement is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community members by encouraging compliance with the Town of Thurmont Municipal Code; to enhance the appearance of neighborhoods and business districts to protect property values and enhance economic conditions. It is our goal to obtain voluntarily compliance, whenever possible, by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement decisions. In the cases where we are unable to obtain voluntary compliance, Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to issue a civil citation. 

The Code Enforcement Official’s first priority is issues that involve the health and/or safety of our community.  We are also concerned with property maintenance issues to ensure the quality of life in our community and maintaining property values. Listed below are some frequently asked questions.

1. How long can I let my grass grow?
  • 10 Inches.
2. How many yard sales are allowed in a year?
  • A person may have four (4) yard sales per year each lasting a max of 3 days.
3. Can I post yard sale signs on traffic control devices and light poles?
  • No, Town of Thurmont strictly prohibits this. All signs must be on their own stake.
4. When do I have to shovel snow?
  • Owners/Tenants or person responsible of property must shovel their sidewalk within 24 hours after it has ceased falling and if accumulation exceeds 8 inches it must be completed within 36 hours after it has ceased.
5. Whose responsibility is it to repair the sidewalk in front of my house or business?
  • It is the homeowner and or business owner that is responsible for the sidewalk, curbs and or gutters that front their properties.
6. At what time can I take out my trash?
  • All solid waste shall be placed at the curb for collection no earlier than 6:00 P.M.on the day preceding those days designated for collection.
7. Who is responsible for trimming trees and shrubs that hang into or over a roadway or sidewalk?
  • It is the property owner’s responsibility.  A generalized overgrowth of brush, bushes, hedges, shrubs and trees extending into the vertical plane of any public way or abutting property is presumptively a nuisance and a dangerous condition.
If you have any other questions, concerns or suggestions that can help improve your neighborhood or community, please contact me.  

Property maintenance and other code issues continue to be a high priority for the Town of Thurmont residents. Well-maintained houses and yards improve the quality of life and preserve property values. Please do your part to keep the Town of Thurmont vibrant!

Did You Know?

All solid waste must be in closed bags, containers and adequately contained to prevent escape both during storage and when placed at curb for collection.
House Numbers are to be posted separate from your mail box, and to be placed in a position at the front entrance with the numbers to be at least 3-inches high.
Soliciting in the Town of Thurmont requires a permit.
No sign advertising or identifying a yard sale shall be posted more than two (2) days before such a yard sale.
Recycling is mandatory for all residents of properties within the Town Limits. 
Filth and Rubbish accumulation in your yard is not allowed.
The Town only permits (2) watercraft per dwelling unit in a residentially zoned area.
Snow may not be placed in any portion of the public street.
All swimming pools in the Town of Thurmont over 24 inches in depth moved, erected, constructed or excavated, either above, below, or partly above and below grade level, shall require a zoning permit
Pools may not contain stagnant contaminated water.

Complaints We Do Not Handle 

Barking Dogs.
Dogs running loose. 
Not including owners not walking dog off-lead.
Pets kept out-of doors in extreme heat and cold weather.
Wild animals, such as ground hogs, snakes, etc.
Dog Bite Complaints.

Who to Call

Frederick County Animal Control:

Department of Natural Resources:
Nuisance Wildlife: 877-463-6497